Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just like Daddy do

These are just some adorable shots I got of Jackson yesterday!

Jackson is always trying to be just like Daddy.  Or how Jackson says it, "just like Daddy do."  Last night while we were waiting on Daddy to come home Jackson decided he wanted to play Daddy.  He got a hat just like Daddy's, got on his garden gloves, glasses (we had to settle for Eva Kate's), and of course the tractor.  We hooked up his "wagon pull"  and he loaded up his wagon with his chainsaw and other Daddy essentials.  One word... ADORABLE!  

 He even trimmed our bushes!

Eva Kate enjoyed watching.  We had the bubble machine going so she loved that!  And she finally got her sunglasses back from her brother!
Also for those prayer partners of mine out there I have a new request.  For those already praying for Chris Landreau I now have another request.  Chris had posted on his Facebook about a child that he met and this story just breaks my heart but OUR GOD can do ANYTHING!

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