Tuesday, October 05, 2010

September 2010

September was a great month! Eva Kate is sleeping more through the night and things are getting back to normal. Also we have successfully been potty training Jackson! After spending close to $200 on diapers, wipes and formula I decided it was time. Jackson has done GREAT! I am so glad I didn't push him a few months ago when we first tried. He has only had maybe 3 accidents in a total of 3 weeks. He is amazing! I am so proud. Here are a few pictures of Jackson. I told him if he didn't have an accident all day he would get an "ice cream" (which is a snack pack pudding). Let's just say he got his reward and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Jackson has also been doing great in "high school" (Crossroads Weekday Preschool). He is really getting into the fall season and doing art projects in the afternoon when he comes home.

Our precious Eva Kate is growing up so fast! Tomorrow she has her two month check up visit with her doctor. She is so sweet and too precious for words!

I love her hair and putting bows in it! I can't tame that "crazy hair" as Jackson calls it:) Little does he know he had the exact same hair do when he was this age!

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