Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It has been awhile

Wow you probably think that I have forgotten about the Blog...I actually did. Anyway I figure I can't recap everything that has happened in my life since like Christmas and most of you keep up through phone or facebook so we can just start over here:)

For those of you in Wisconsin it is extremely hot here in the big GA, and those of you in Texas completely understand. So Jackson and I have been keeping it cool indoors while the sun is out. On the days it isn't too bad he plays in his "bath tub" which is his pool, and he plays in his Buzz Lightyear sprinkler. Me being 8 months pregnant I can only handle at max 30 minutes outside which works out just fine. Little man enjoys playing indoors, reading books, singing, dancing, coloring, playing with his train table and watching movies. His vocabulary increases more and more everyday...so you better watch what you say or you have a 2 year old following you around repeating it!

Yesterday Andrew started his new job and so far he is loving it! We love the idea that the company is based in Atlanta which means we will be too:) Other than that I guess our next big adventure will be with little Eva Kate Caldwell arrives hopefully within the next month! I go back to the doctor Friday (I will be 34 weeks) and will be going weekly after that. Everything has been going smoothly so far which is a huge blessing! Eva Kate's room is practically all finished minus me finishing her curtains, adding some artwork/pictures and raising up the crib mattress. When it comes down to it, if she came today we would be ready!

Again I will try to post whenever anything pops into my brain, or I get a moment to myself. I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to writing again:)

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