Saturday, December 05, 2009

Lovin the Weather!

Since Andrew worked from home yesterday we decided to start a fire in our fireplace. Jackson ate it up! He is ALL boy! He was very cautious and knows not to get near it! He helped Daddy by holding stuff that he needed and handing him the right thing! He wants to be like his Daddy so much!

The funny thing is this morning Jackson and I woke up (and let Daddy sleep in) and he came downstairs and held his hands up to the fireplace and said "Dada Dada" in the saddest voice. The fire had died out:( So when Dada woke up Jackson showed him the "died" and Daddy fixed it! Those two are too funny together!

This morning Jackson and Daddy are taking a tractor ride to get all the leaves out of the yard so Jackson is in heaven!

We are looking forward to MLM's birthday party (at a jump place) this afternoon! I keep telling Jackson he gets to jump around in a balloon and he is way excited! It will be interesting to see what he will do! I promise to take pictures!

Also we are very excited about Christmas at Grandma Dru's in Blairsville tomorrow! It will be so nice to be around family and Jackson can play with his "cousins"!

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