Sunday, May 03, 2009

Good Week

We have had a great week. Jackson's new favorite thing is "walking" to the side door and pounding on it. This means that he wants to go outside. Going outside is his new favorite thing. He LOVES it! Even if I am just taking the dog out he gets excited! He loves taking a ride in his wagon or pushing his mail cart around the yard.

On Wednesday he took his first steps alone. My sister Sarah was over for dinner and she was playing on the floor with Jackson. He was standing up playing with toys in his toy box when he picked up a big car with both hands and just started walking towards Aunt Sarah. He soon sat down and looked stunned. I don't actually think he knew what had just happened. I am sure he will start walking after the doc gives him the okay ;0) ( For those of you who don't know or remember when we took Jackson for his 10 month checkup the doctor told us he was holding out on us. A few days later he started crawling. He just needed the doc's permission).

Tomorrow we go for Jackson's 1 year checkup. He has grown alot since his last checkup. I hate it that he has to get shots but it is for the best. I also am going to the doctor to get my side checked out again. I still have pain in my stomach/side where I had surgery a few years ago to have a cyst and ovary removed. So I figure that I shouldn't have pain since there isn't anything there so I am going to get it checked out again. So be thinking about me tomorrow (since going to the doctor makes me nervous).

I can't wait to update you all tomorrow on Jackson's stats! Pray he doesn't cry too much with the shots!

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