Monday, May 04, 2009

Appointment Day!

Today doctor day. I had an appointment this morning and Jackson had his 1 year checkup this afternoon.

I went to the doctor as a follow up on some complications I have had from my surgery in December 07. She did an ultrasound and said that everything was looking okay but since I have been in pain and I am still swollen she would like to further investigate to make sure there isn't a small hernia or something else she couldn't see. So I am going to be going back in a few weeks for a CT scan. When I hate because I have to drink that nasty stuff and on top of that have an IV put in for the contrast solution. ( For those of you who don't know this I hate needles to the point I throw up or pass out). But I know this is something that needs to be done to get to the bottom of the pain. I am very optimistic that things are going to go great. Plus I have an amazing doctor!

Jackson's appointment went great. He is now slowing down in his growth. He is now 29 1/2 inches tall, 20.12 lbs. According to the doc Jackson is below average and his head is still in the 25th percentile. His soft spot on his head still hasn't closed either. All of this is not "normal" but for Jackson it is and he is still growing at a normal rate for him. He did great with his shots.

Jackson also had to have a blood test and this was pure torture. As soon as we were called back Jackson started waving and saying "bye bye". They pricked his finger (which he then started screaming) and then continued to "milk" the blood out of his finger, drip by drip to half way fill up a small tube. After five minutes of pure screaming torture the nurse decided to stop because his finger started clotting and threw away the sample. This was a test to see if he was anemic. Maybe we will try again at his 15 month appointment. After that we took him to get ice cream. He was in heaven! He came home, took a ride in his wagon and then passed out!

Overall it was a great but tiring day!

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