Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Santa sent an early present down to Jackson and Eva Kate and that is our new elf, Ollie. He is here to watch over the kids and report back to Santa their behavior. Jackson loves looking for all the crazy places Ollie ends up showing up in! Sunday morning we found Ollie in Eva Kate's swing. I kept telling Jackson," remember don't touch him, he loses his magic and Ho Ho won't come." Well he snuck a touch and I repeated myself with "I hope you didn't touch Ollie, his magic will be gone and Ho Ho won't come." He looked at me and said firmly, "You don't say that Crystal!" I think it is hilarious that he called me by my first name but he takes Ollie very serious. Lets just say he hasn't touched Ollie again!

Also on another note: I will be having a soft tissue graft surgery on my gums the Tuesday after Christmas so keep me in your prayers. I went for Pre-Op yesterday and left kind of nervous with 5 prescriptions. I came home and watched the "video" on their website of the type of surgery I was having. I think it freaked me out more. BUT on the bright side I see it as I can eat whatever I want all Christmas! I will be on a liquid/soft diet for a few days so I could stand to lose a few pounds :) LOL! But seriously keep me in your thoughts that day so that everything will go great and I will have a speedy recovery!

Also on your prayer radar please think of my sister Sarah this upcoming week. She will be driving with her CCF mission group to Acuna Mexico to build a house! SO pray for the whole group and the family they are helping. I pray they return safely!

And this picture is just too sweet not to share! Andrew is just the bestest Daddy!

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