Wednesday, August 05, 2009


My wonderful family helped me celebrate my 26th birthday on Saturday. I had a super birthday weekend! If you didn't know I started selling Mary Kay this month. I started doing this for 1. extra money but most importantly to keep up my "style". I realized when I started grad school this past summer (BTW I got an A!) just how much I missed getting dressed up and putting on makeup. When I say dressed up I mean I got out of my PJ's before 3pm. So this is an excellent opportunity to do all the above. I am really enjoying it so far and enjoying the nice people I have met.

On to the buddy boy. He is so active! Also his vocabulary is increasing by the day! He keeps me laughing! We have been trying to keep a word list so here we go:
hi, bye, baba, momma, dada, pappy, mom momma (GM), dog, ball, tractor, car, Dora, backpack, plane, more, book, bird, ei, ei, o, banana, cookie, Sarah, Mark, shoes, keys, bush, nose, yeah, no, blocks...there are more but I am drawing a blank. He LOVEs being outside and his new favorite thing is Andrew's leaf blower. HE LOVES IT! I don't know what he loves more the blower or the tractor.

I am still enjoying my SLR camera and still learning to edit the photos. Here is one of my favorite ones so far:

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